Frequently Asked Questions

I recently tried to transfer a 5 GB video to my flash drive and got an error.  I checked and there is plenty of room for the video.  Why did it fail?
Thanks for asking that!  This is a tricky thing about some flash drives.  If they are formatted in "FAT32", then the largest file they can hold is 4 GB, even if they have much, much more than that in free space.

The simple cure is to reformat the flash drive as "NTFS".  To do this, copy your data to another location, then locate the flash drive in Windows Explorer or any other place it shows up.  Right-click on it and select Format.  Then choose the file system "NTFS" and click Start.  When the formatting is complete, copy your files back onto the flash drive and you're all set!

You won't have any limits on your file sizes once you've done this.